Create an Inspiration Notebook

An inspiration notebook is filled with your dreams, desires, and things that make you feel joyful. The notebook helps everything stay organized and in one place for you to refer to anytime you want. How many times are you looking through magazine and find a photo that really speaks to you and you are not sure why? How many times have you read a quote that touched your heart, but, you were not sure where to save it? An inspiration notebook is the place! Create an inspiration notebook to keep all your treasures in one place.

An inspiration notebook differs from a vision board. A vision board is like a treasure map of where you would like your life to involve. It is a direction for your life in 4 suggested areas: career, relationships, spirituality, and health/wellness. Florence Scovel Shinn in her book, “The Game of Life” labels the four areas: love, health, perfect self-expression and Wealth. An inspiration notebook is filled with things that speak to your soul. It is a work of art that you create. You may begin to see patterns in what you love. Or you may find the inspiration to take that next big step in your life.

How to begin your Inspiration Notebook:

1. Buy a spiral bound artist drawing pad. I prefer one with paper that is 80 lb. weight. You will also need scissors, pens, markers and glue.
2. Make the first page your cover. Give your notebook a title and decorate that first page. Use watercolor paints, colored markers or maybe even stickers.
3. Look through magazines and find photos that you love. Cut them out and glue then in the notebook.
4. Other ideas for the notebook:
a. Write favorite quotes
b. Titles of books you have enjoyed
c. Titles of movies you loved
d. Greeting cards given to you
e. Postcards
f. Photos of you smiling and happy
5. These are just suggestions. Be creative. The idea is to have this as a lifelong project. The notebook does not have to be filled in any given timeframe.

Won’t it be nice to have all these special memoires in place?

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