Dealing with Mercury Retrograde


In astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication. Mercury goes retrograde or backwards three times per year. In a retrograde period the theory of thought is that all communication goes backward. This includes contracts, electronics, and data. We are now in a Mercury retrograde period from May 18 – June 11. Mercury retrograde periods never have bothered me. Just the other day, I was speaking with a friend that is an astrologer and she agreed that they do not bother her either.
Well, this Mercury retrograde certainly is here to teach me something. I had a technician over yesterday to add memory to my laptop. He said it would take about 40 minutes. Three hours later, I walked into the room he was in and my laptop was completely taken apart. When it was sort of put back together it would not turn on. It is completely ruined. Obviously, he felt bad and said he would have a new computer arrive the next day. He knows that a laptop is vital to my business. Well the laptop did not arrive on Friday, because of the flooding in Texas it could not be shipped out. It is scheduled for a Monday arrival.
Friday morning, I got up and thought I could use my iPad until my new computer arrived. Well, I had no Internet service. I called my provider, they sent someone out late in the day, but, he could not fix it. They need the “electronics” team because a major piece of outside equipment needs to be changed.
I stayed calm through all this and went with the flow. I spent the day cleaning my house and it looks great. I even did all the windowsills. Hopefully by Tuesday, everything will be back in order. I guess I am supposed to take a break from my computer.
My advice for this Mercury retrograde period.
1. Back up all data.
2. If you must buy any electronics including computer, check the fine print and the warranty.
3. If you sign any contracts, be extra diligent in reading them.
This too shall pass. I like to practice non-attachment, but, I will admit I am going to miss my old laptop.

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