Happiness is an Inside Job

You could have the greatest job in the world, the most beautiful home, enough money to meet all your needs and desires, but, still be unhappy. Happiness is an inside job. The material world may provide you with joy, but, it is fleeting.

So how can you have that interior happiness? That happiness that cannot be taken away from you? It first begins by becoming aware of our thoughts. There is a learning curve with this. Are most of your thoughts positive, compassionate and loving? Or are they negative and fatalistic?

We can train our thoughts and thereby train our minds. If we practice new ways of thinking we can reshape our cells and the way the brain works. There have been many, many scientific studies that prove this.

Change takes time and patience. There are different methods to help you do this. But, what is needed is a commitment for you to change. Sometimes we are more comfortable with “our illness”, “our financial mess”, or “our unhappy job.”

Try this experiment. For one day, every time a negative thought comes into your mind, write it down. You may be very surprised at the number of negative thoughts you have. Again, first becomes awareness and then change.

Next to each of the negative thoughts, write down how you could change it to make it more positive. Start reshaping those cells in your brain. Our sub-conscious mind does whatever we tell it to do. It has no ego and follows our directions.

Another method for happiness is being compassionate and forgiving towards others. This is really difficult if someone you love, hurt and betrayed you. Again, I did not say it would be easy or quick to find inner peace and happiness.

Another method is prayer and a spiritual practice. Carve out some time every day, even 15 minutes can make a difference.

You deserve to be happy. Cultivate inner happiness. It cannot be taken away from you. It is time well spent.

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