Develop Courage

So you may have started the new year with determination to change your thoughts and to be more positive. You want to eliminate fear this year. How is it going? To change habits can be difficult and there are many ups and downs.  But, you can develop courage by staying in the present moment.

Some days, I think, wow, I am doing so well staying positive and then someone says something critical, or a find a leak in my ceiling or it is Saturday night and I have nothing to do. These type of things or events have a way of throwing me of course. Sound familiar?

Many of our thoughts or habits have been with us a lifetime and they are not going to go away quickly. The change will be gradual. But, with awareness, you have begun the change.

You may be working with a coach, a psychologist, or doing self-discovery to change, but, these are like a match that lights the candle. You are the candle and only you can make the changes.

To change habits, stay in the present moment. Start with small, insignificant times in your day. Try really staying present while washing dishes, doing work around your home or when meeting with a friend. By staying in the moment, you gain courage and control of your thoughts.

When you are cooking, really notice and pay attention to the utensils you reach for. Spend time noticing the different colors in the meal you are preparing. Next, try this same exercise with another time in your day. When we are present, unhurried, and centered, our thoughts are not ruminating about the past or worried about the future.

These small moments will translate into larger moments. So when a crisis occurs, you will stay present with courage and calmly deal with the situation.

This week pick one time every day to slow down and stay in the present moment. Keep that candle burning with calm, happy, positive thoughts.

Small moments = Larger moments

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