Learn to Let Go and Move On


Lessons in love; learn to let go and move on after divorce. This is not only to move on after a divorce, but, also after a relationship ends. Life is all about learning. Take what was positive from a relationship, learn from it, and use those lessons in your next relationship.

My first relationship after my divorce lasted 9 months. When we stopped seeing each other, I was devastated. I felt like a failed again. I went to a very, dark space, filled with fear that I would be alone the rest of my life. I did not let this pity party last too long. Sure, I was hurt, but, I tried  to look at the relationship in a positive way.

Instead of crying, I asked myself, “What did this experience teach me?” When I sat quietly and wrote in my journal, I began to see all the wonderful experiences those nine months gave me. That relationship formed a foundation for my next one. It helped me grow, learn to love myself, and begin to formalize what I wanted in a relationship.

By freeing up your energy and focusing on the positives from a past relationship, you are actually taking back your power. Negative thoughts form negative energy and that only hurts you. Free up your energy to allow someone else to come into your life.

My Tips:
Repeat this affirmation:
“Everything comes in perfect time, I am drawing in a man who I love and who loves me”

Questions to Ask Yourself:
From the book, “The Wizard of Us” by Jean Houston
Can you see any way in which this challenging situation might have served your growth or caused you to shift?
Offered you an opportunity to become more compassionate?
Set stronger boundaries for yourself?
Offered you opportunities to look at your self-worth?

Do you have any stories to share?

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