Life is Not an Elevator Ride

Recently, I spoke with a friend that I had not spoken to in a while. We both shared a little bit about the past few months. The past few months had brought a few ups and downs to my life. She said, “Life is not an elevator ride.” I really loved that phrase.

Whether our life is going perfectly well or whether we are at a crossroads, it is not a straight journey up. There are bends and curves in the road. Or in the elevator phrase, there may be stops at many floors before we reach a destination.

How has your year gone? This is a great month to reflect, plan, and prepare for next year. Even if this year brought you some unexpected turns and stops, it is important to keep your vision for want you want. This vision could be in any area of your life that you want improvement or change: abundance, health, relationships, or career/work.

Emmet Fox talks about the “Two Spirations.” First, you need inspiration and second, you need perspiration. Inspiration is your vision, your steadfast belief and faith. It is listening to you Inner Being and having faith even when you are thrown a curve. When you are thrown a curve, try to find the blessing in that situation. Maybe it was there to prepare you for the next stops.

Perspiration is your action plan. Sitting on your couch will probably not bring results. But, by taking small steps every day toward your goals, you will progress.

Having faith through the trying times is not always easy. We are conditioned by habit to become depressed and ready to give up. That is when your faith and inspiration can kick in. Do not give up, the top of that elevator may be closer than you think.

Remain flexible, take action steps and have faith!

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8 years ago

Just what I needed to hear!!!

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