Make Today a Day to Practice Kindness

We all have a story. We all are dealing with a lot in our day to day lives. Do you remember the last time someone did something kind for you? Did it make your day? It probably has put a smile on your face just thinking about it. Why not make today a day to practice kindness? Check out my ideas below.

1. Smile at a stranger. – While you are waiting in a grocery store line instead of standing there impatiently, smile at someone. It might be the only smile they get that day. It will change your energy and you may be surprised at the effect all around you.
2. Giveaway thanks. – Make a call to someone to thank them for something they did for you. It does not have to be something recent. Surprise them, that you still remember the kindness they showed you.
3. Give someone your time. – We lead busy lives and our time is precious. But, think of someone who would love to get a phone call from you or someone that you could visit. It might be an elderly neighbor that does not get many visitors.
4. Tell someone you love them. – When was the last time you told your partner, your children, your siblings or your close friends that you love them? Well, make today the day! They will love hearing from you, but, I can guarantee will feel great.
5. Give someone an unexpected gift. – It does not have to be anything expensive, stay within your means. Use your creative mind to think of something. I once read a story about a young girl at a bank counter making her car payment. The elderly women behind her, heard the girl say that she had only one more car payment after this. After the girl left, the elderly women made the last payment unanimously.

Today, I urge you to practice kindness.

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