Online Dating Tips for Men

Online dating sites are the norm these days. I have written several blogs about tips for women, but, today I decided to write some online dating tips for men, based on my experiences on several of the sites.

1. Age – Do not lie about your age. A lie is a lie. Many times when I would talk to a man for the first time, he would say, “My pictures are recent and everything in my profile is correct except my age. For searching purposes I put in a younger age”. Please, if my profile says I prefer not to date someone over the age of 64, why would he think it is ok that you are 69? Be honest.
2. Photos – My advice, no selfies. Also, wear a shirt. I did not like seeing a bare chest in the main picture. Would you show up on a first date like that? And, smile, a mean look is not appealing. Online dating is scary enough for me. I do not need someone that looks ready for a fight. Photos with you and Mom are not the greatest to put either.
3. “What I am looking for”– List something other than physical characteristics. So many profiles would say: someone athletic and in great shape. I am more than my physical body.
4. Spell check your profile.
5. Do not use “lol”. Way overused.
6. Try to make your profile positive. So many man would list things they do not want. For example, “If you are looking for someone to take care of you, I am not the guy”. A huge list of demands tells me you are close minded.
7. Height and weight. – Be honest, get on the scale and get out the yard stick, do not misguide either.
8. Avoid the terms: honey, sweetie, and cutie. That tells me you are in contact with lots and lots of ladies and cannot remember their names.

What other advice do you have for men?

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8 years ago

This is the best one yet! Keep up the good work and guys, “listen to Goria”!

8 years ago

This is the best one yet. Guys, listen to Gloria!

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