Take a Risk, Challenge Yourself!


Take a risk, challenge yourself. It is easy to get caught up in routines. They are safe and comfortable. In order to grow and become empowered, you sometimes have to get out of your comfort zone. Your favorite pair of jeans that you LOVED 5 years ago, are probably not your favorite pair today. You may have felt bad about getting rid of them. They may have worn out or they may not fit anymore.

“Don’t wait, the time will never be right”
-Napoleon Hill

By taking a challenge and trying something new: you may find a new happy place. A happy place that you did not know existed. What would take you out of your comfort zone? It does not have to be something crazy or dangerous. Just something that interests you and challenges you.

My challenge was taking mountain climbing lessons. On my 52nd birthday, I decided that was the gift I would give myself. It was so physically strenuous. We started at about 7:00 am and finished about 7:00 pm. The repealing off a cliff was exciting. I little frightening, especially when I crashed into the cliff before continuing the repeal. I learned (the hard way I must say) that it is important to remain in control of the rope. The really scary part was climbing up a granite rock face. I looked at the guide and said, “You want me to put my hands and feet, where?” I started to cry and froze. I did climb up that rock face and others. When I finished it was exhilarating and the confidence I gained transferred into other areas of my life.

Some ideas:
Trapeze lessons
Acting classes
Singing lessons
Public speaking classes
Art classes
Go to dinner alone
Learn a new software program

What is your risk or challenge? Are you ready to take it?


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