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So many times we are brought up to help others, take care of others and little by little our needs shrink into the background. Who is it you ALWAYS put before yourself? Is it your close friends, your parents, your children, or everyone? It is impossible to live a life filled with happiness, abundance, and love if we do not love ourselves first. Today take the I Love Me Quiz below.

Any external change in our lives must first begin internally. We need to change our innermost self and then our exterior lives will follow. It does not happen the other way around.

Take a look in the mirror and say, “I love you.” Does it feel authentic? Or do you feel like; “Wow, that felt awkward?” This is a good place to begin.

Think about someone you truly love. It could be a romantic partner, your husband/wife, a friend, your child, or a parent. Now think how you treat them. You are most likely very kind, generous, and would go above and beyond to help them. Do you treat yourself with that same love?

We cannot keep giving if we do not love and nourish ourselves. It is like a car filled with a tank of gas. If the car keeps driving and driving without stopping to fill up at a gas station, it will eventually stop.

Take the I Love Me Quiz.

Try to answer the following questions and see if you learn anything about yourself.
Yes=2 points
Sometimes = 1 point
No = no points

1. I am up to date with my health checks (dentist, optician, etc.).
2. I eat healthy most of the time & do not abuse my body.
3. I have plenty of sleep, so I always feel rested.
4. I have regular periods of me time (relax, meditate, journal, etc.).
5. I take regular breaks from work and use my time wisely.
6. I say “No” to myself and others when I need to.
7. My home is tidy, organized and somewhere I enjoy being.
8. I choose to spend time with people that energize & inspire me.
9. I have no regrets and have forgiven myself for past mistakes.
10. I have reserves of things that are important to me in my life.

Did you learn anything about yourself? What action can you take this week to get more “2’s”?

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