The Big F Word

Forgiveness is the big F word. Forgiveness is probably the most important act we can practice in our lives. It may not always be easy to forgive, but, it is vital for your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

If someone hurt you deeply or did something that physically hurt you, it does not mean you condone the act. You can accept that it was wrong and that it is unacceptable to treat you that way, but, you can still forgive.

When we have ill or negative thoughts about someone, it is like putting poison in our own bodies and hoping it will have the effect on the person that hurt us. It does not work that way. Those negative thoughts come back to you like a boomerang and can affect you both physically and mentally.

Forgiveness does not happen overnight, but, once you make the decision, it CAN be done. Imagine how much lighter you will feel without holding onto something so negative. Other more positive things will appear in your life. The Universe will fill that void.

About a year ago I lost my job. That in and of itself was really tuff, but, I realized the owner of the company lied to me about why I was let go. This was a friend and someone I trusted. As a single mother supporting a son in school, I was let go after four years with no warning and no severance. Our mission at the company was to promote peace and love in the world. So, not only was I without work, all I had worked for was false.

I know how important forgiveness is and I began immediately to pray to God to help me and guide me. It wasn’t overnight, but, it worked. The litmus test for forgiveness: you hear something wonderful happened to the person and you are actually happy and joyous for them.

Not only are you happy, but, you are FREE!!!

Next week, I will share some techniques to achieve happiness. If you are not on my email list, sign up on my website to receive my weekly blog.


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