The Fifth Chakra

Chakra’s are outlets in the human body that are centers of “life forces” and vital energy. We have seven main chakras that are aligned along the spinal column. Each chakra is associated with our physical health and also our emotional and mental health. The throat chakra is located at the base of the neck and it is the fifth chakra. It commonly gets out of balance. I will give you five techniques for clearing the throat chakra.
My throat chakra frequently gets out of balance. My first indication of this is repeatedly clearing my throat. I usually think, ok, what am I not expressing or what am I afraid to say. While dating, if there was someone I did not care to see again, I would notice my throat would feel constricted because I was hesitate about stating my true feelings. You may also notice this in a work situation. Try to become aware if you clear your throat before you have something uncomfortable to say to your boss or a co-worker.
Besides clearing your throat, some other indications of a blocked throat charka are: a sore throat, getting choked up, hearing problems, and a neck ache. When your throat chakra is open and balanced you speak your thoughts clearly. It represents communication and personal expression.
5 Ways to Clear the Throat Chakra
1. Singing or humming. You might be saying: I cannot sing. That should tell you something. To clear my throat chakra, I stand up straight and sing loudly and strongly. I pretend I am singing to the house across the street. Of course, my windows are shut when I do this! It does not matter what you sing, even a series of sounds will suffice.
2. Rub the essential oils chamomile or myrrh on your neck. Remember to dilute the essential oils before you apply them to your skin.
3. The throat chakra is associated with the color blue. Wear something blue, maybe, a blue scarf around your neck.
4. Carry or wear blue crystals: turquoise, lapis, aquamarine, and sapphire.
5. Say affirmations. This one is from “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. “It is okay to make noise. I express myself freely and joyously. I speak up for myself with ease.”

Which of these techniques worked for you? Can you suggest some others?

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