Totem Animals

Totem Animals


According to Native American tradition, each person is connected with nine animals that will accompany him on his path through life and enhance his talents and abilities. Each animal represents some wisdom. Different animals may come into our lives to help and guide us. Have you noticed a repeated occurrence of an animal in your life?  Maybe it is butterfly? Or ants? Below are a few of the animal totems and their meanings.  Observe over the next few weeks and see if you have an animal appear on a regular basis.


The butterfly symbolizes transformation into something higher. It teaches us to make conscious changes to our lives, create new conditions and make dreams come true.


The dragonfly represents the tricking of the senses and change. It teaches that nothing is quite the way it seems, and that it is therefore necessary not to allow our senses to be tricked. It you wish to make changes, call to the energy of the dragonfly.


The spider teaches that each being is responsible for its own plan of life. We weave the web of our own destiny.  It also represents creativity.


The ant teaches that you will have everything you need and will receive it when you need it most. It is the symbol of basic trust.


The frog is the messenger announcing the start of a new life. This includes freeing yourself from circumstances in your life that are unpleasant and a burden. It is important to create a space for a new life.


The squirrel is a hint to prepare for the future, gather your strength and brace yourself for significant changes.


The snake symbolizes change in the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth.  It is a sign of change.

Have you notice a re-occurrence of any animals?

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9 years ago

It brings to mind the Bible verse that if he can take care of the birds, he can take care of us!

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