3 Steps to Let Go of Your Past

When I think of letting go of the past, the first thing that comes to mind is forgiveness. Have I forgiven everyone that I need to? Or maybe it is to let go of past material things? A former house? A former job? But, recently, I thought I needed to let go of repeating “patterns” from my past. I needed to change the way I thought and reacted to them. These are 3 steps to let go of your past.

We are constantly changing, growing and evolving so our patterns from the past can change, if we become aware of them. Think of one area of your life that you fear or that gives you an uncomfortable feeling in your solar plexus (the area right above your navel). This area in your life may no longer be a problem or a concern, but, it can be hard to break patterns.

One are of these areas for me was money. I went through a time when I was unemployed and money was scarce. It was a very scary, difficult time. That currently is no longer the case, yet some days I catch myself uncomfortable with spending money. I remind myself that those issues are in the past.

New patterns = New manifestations

1. Try to identify one area in your life that you would like to break an outgrown pattern.
2. Write down what blessing or lesson that situation taught you. Next to the lesson learned write down what you would like to manifest instead.
3. Compose three affirmations that support what you would like to manifest. Write these on an index card and the next time that feeling or pattern of fear arises, read them out loud. In time you will change the pattern.

When the feelings from past patterns come up, relax, stay positive. Keep the lessons and let go of the burden.

Break the pattern! You can do it!

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