3 Step Visualization Technique

Visualization is a very powerful tool to train your subconscious mind. What you form in your imagination will one day appear in your physical world if you are faithful and consistent with your mental vision. Our thoughts become things. Try this 3 step visualization technique.

Think of visualization as an architect visualizes a project. He first visualizes it in his mind. Then he may begin drawing the plans. Eventually, a contractor will gather the necessary materials and the building will become a reality. But, it all began with a thought in the architect’s mind.

This is similar for your own visualizations, it all begins with a clear vision in your mind and eventually will manifest in your outer, physical world.

Recently, I worked with a coaching client on this technique. She needed to pass an important test for work. She studied and knew the material, but, had anxiety about taking the test. She faithfully did her visualization every night right before she fell asleep and she passed the test! I had her develop a clear vision of what she wanted. She sent me a copy of the worksheet that she filled out several months before. The vision in the worksheet became reality. She received the phone call exactly where she visualized it and was even wearing the blue suit she had pictured.

Try these 3 steps:

1. First create an in-depth vision. The following questions are some examples of what you may ask yourself.
a. How does it feel?
b. Who is there with you?
c. What are you wearing?
d. What are your ideal surroundings?
2. Next, sit in a comfortable chair with your feet on the ground. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Try to quiet your mind. Then begin to picture your vision. The more detailed the better. Approach it with a sense of power, accomplishment and confidence.
3. Try to repeat this on a regular basis. It is especially effective right before you go to sleep.

Enjoy this sense of power and love.

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