Have you ever felt that you are just existing and not living? I believe we all go through periods like these. It is easy to get comfortable with our routines and change is not easy. It is easier to continue with our current circumstances then to stir up the pot. Initiating change takes courage. It takes going deep into your soul to figure out how and what to change. I would like to change some things in my life and that is why I am going to do “A Vacation Stop.”

I have not been on a vacation for over two years, but, I have planned an incredible one for this summer. My youngest son and I are going to spend some time in the mountains. He will be graduating from college later this year and it is the perfect opportunity for both of us to regroup, refresh and nurture our souls.

My friends and family are all saying what a great, fun time we will have. That is true, we will have a wonderful time, but, that is not what this vacation is about. This is a vacation stop. Both my son and I are going to stop our routines and stop our crazy, busy lives. We are going back to the basics. We will spend time hiking in beautiful woods, taking drives to observe wildlife, and taking time to smell the sage brush.

We probably will not have Internet, nor cable television. But, we will enjoy eating our dinners outside overlooking a mountain and watching the magnificent night sky. Without distractions, we will be able to read those books we never seem to find the time for.

Most important, by hitting the stop button we will bring our inner and outer worlds closer together. We will be in touch with our souls and feel closer to God. Our true self is perfect and achieving inner peace brings fulfillment in life. With inner peace, we may decide or refine what our purpose is in life. Just like a cut will heal with a band aid on it, our stop vacation will be healing for our soul.

This summer, try a stop vacation for even just one day!

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