The Golden Key

The Golden Key is a simple technique that has amazing results. The Golden Key is a tool that I have used for years. It was developed by Emmett Fox. Emmett Fox (1886-1951) was one of the most influential spiritual leaders of the twentieth century and a pioneer of the New Thought movement. His theories have influenced many of the present day spiritual writers.

The Golden Key puts your difficulties or troubles into God’s hands. God is omnipotent and has power over all things. When you put your trust in him, you are relaying on a power much greater than yourself.

The actual method is very simple. All you have to do is stop thinking about your problems and difficulties and think about God instead. It is simplistic, but, very powerful and most important it works.

It makes no difference what the trouble is or how difficult the trouble is. Think about God or say his name instead of dwelling on the problem. It is simple, but, at first it may be hard to train yourself to do this. You are changing a lifetime of habits and it may take some time. But, by consistently thinking about God you will see a demonstration.

Sometimes it may help to repeat a statement about God: God is love. God is guiding me now. God’s love surrounds me.

Try not to dictate how your problem will be solved. Trust in God to handle that. Leave the ways it will be solved to God.

Over the years, I have had amazing results using this method. Sometimes the answer or solution will come in ways that I did not expect, but, that does not matter. The important point is to put your faith and trust in God instead of your problems.

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