Life as a River

Our life flows and ebbs like a river. There is constant movement. Usually though, we resist the movement. Our distractions and our rigidity to change gets us caught on logs or rocks in the river. We stop the flow instead of going with it. Try to image your life as a river and go with the flow.

A few summers ago, my son and I were on the Snake River. Across the river were a family of otters. It was delightful watching them play, going under water and then popping back up. They followed the flow of the river with trust and abandonment. We could use a lesson from these otters and try to go with the flow of our life like the flow of a river.

The rocks and logs represent our need to control outcomes even though sometimes there is nothing we can do to control them. We can set clear intentions with the Universe, remain focused and stay flexible.

Try these steps to “flow” like a river:

1. Set clear intentions.
2. Stay focused on your desires. Think- The Law of Attraction.
3. Remain non-judgmental and let go of the outcomes.
4. Stay flexible on how your intentions will materialize.
5. When obstacles come up, keep an open mind and work through them.
6. Remain open to receiving.
7. Remember that life, like a river continually flows and changes.

Your intentions will set the process in motion. They may come packaged very different from what you expected. It also may take more time to materialize than you would like. Remain flexible and go with the flow.

Find some music or a You Tube video that gives the sound of a rushing river. Keep it handy and when you feel resistance use that sound as a gentle reminder.

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