Steps to Initiate Change in Your Life

When we want change in our lives, it is usually in one of four areas: health, prosperity, relationships and career. Or maybe in all four areas. I believe in getting a clear vision of what you want to manifest into your life, but, you also need an action plan. Having a vision and sitting on your couch hoping something will happen usually does not work. Try these steps to initiate change in your life.

Part of that action plan is examining those areas that you want to see change. Sometimes we need to change the energy in order to receive guidance about change.

You may want to improve your health. First, examine how you take care of your body. Do you eat healthy foods? Do you avoid toxic substances? Do you exercise? If you want to improve your health, this week, take one step toward a healthier lifestyle. Maye that one step is to remove caffeine from your diet or maybe go for a walk three times this week.

You may want increased prosperity, but, examine how you take care of what you already have. Look at your wallet or purse. Is it neatly organized? Or is it a mess of credit cards, receipts and junk? Even if your charge cards are maxed out, avoidance will not solve the problems. How about your financial files? Are they organized? This week take one step toward getting organized and therefore, get ready for more prosperity.

You may be looking for love or you may want to improve an already existing relationship. First, look at how you treat yourself. Do you love yourself? Love begins with YOU! This week do something special for yourself, take that long relaxing bath. Look in the mirror and say, “I love and approve of you.”

You may be unhappy in your current job or you may have lost your job. Do you spend time finding what you’re passionate about? Do you spend time in silence listening for inner guidance about how to proceed? This week take one step that gets you closer to your ideal job, even if it is just researching a new path.

By examining the area you want to change, you are putting energy out into the Universe and shouting that you ARE ready for change.

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