The Law of Cause and Effect or The Boomerang Effect

We all know the expression, “You reap what you sow.” Probably most of the time we feel that we follow this. But, if we analyze our thoughts and actions, we may find that we do this when it is easy. It is the tough times: a horrible divorce, a friend that betrayed you or being fired. These are the times when it is harder to control our thoughts, but, the law of cause and effect or the boomerang effect is still in place.

In every reaction and with every thought, we have a choice. You may have been very hurt by a former husband or former wife and that hurt is real, but, wishing them ill will or saying horrible things about them will only hurt you more. Your thoughts come back to you like a boomerang. Bam!!!

With practice and control, you can send loving, peaceful thoughts. This does not mean you have to like or that you want to be around the person that offended you. It just means you wish them well. Sending loving, peaceful thoughts and wishing them well will come back to you in the same loving way.

Before you react, pause, take a few seconds to think about what you are going to say. Is it aligned with God’s plan for love and peace for all? Or is it hurtful and hateful? If you are not sure, listen to your body. Normally we can feel what is right. One area could be in your solar plexus, two inches above your navel. This area is connected to our subconscious mind. And our subconscious mind is most aligned with God. Or you can listen to your heart. This sounds like a trite saying, but, it works and will serve you well. If your choice feels uncomfortable, change it!

If you are struggling to do this when you are hurting and going through a really tough time, ask yourself, “What is the blessing in this situation?” The answer may not come right away, but, keep listening to your heart.

With a conscious choice to follow the law of cause and effect, success and happiness will be in your life.

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