The Power in Daydreams

We all engage in some form of daydreams. Think of the many times in your childhood that your daydreams took the form of fantasy.  Did you dream you were a princess?  Did you dream you lived in a fairy castle?  Or did you dream that Ken and Barbie got married and lived happily ever after? I heard on the news this week that Barbie turned 56.  It reminded me of the many hours I would play with her and Ken.  In fact, I pulled out my original Barbie doll.  Yes, I still have it, complete with the outfits my Mom and Grandmother made for her.  There is power in daydreams.

As children, our daydreams were happy and beautiful.  I do not remember daydreaming of sickness, poverty or loss.  As adults our daydreams are not always positive.  How many times do you daydream about job loss, money loss, or relationship problems?   Our daydreams can be destructive when the thoughts or outcomes are negative.  Our thoughts materialize.

“Those who cherish a beautiful vision, a lofty ideal in their hearts, will one day realize it.”

-James Allen

So dream, have a vision, just make sure it is positive.  Think of all the artists, authors, or scientists in the world.  Many of them started with just a vision or a dream.  Dream and then dream bigger!

Spend some time journaling and asking yourself the following questions.  Build your dream. Make it clear and concise. Review your vision often.  You may need to alter it but, you do not have to give up on it.

What does your ideal day consist of?

What does your ideal income provide you with?

In 5 years, what will you have accomplished?

Dream bigger?  What would your ideal life look like if you used your full capabilities?

Visualize it. Cherish your dream. Feel it in your heart and build your life with it.





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9 years ago

Beautiful thought Gloria. Today, I read in a book you suggested, how important it is to be silent for 15 minutes a day so we can daydream and hear our inner voice.

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