5 Habits of Strong Women

These are 5 habits of strong women. Strong women can be in all walks of life: a career person, a mother, a wife or a student. It does not matter what your do, it is to develop these habits and begin incorporating them into your life.

1. They start the day with a purpose. Strong women have a plan for the day with goals and clearly defined objectives. They do not get up and just “wing it”. They also understand that the first hour of the day sets the tone for the rest of the day. This is a time for inspirational reading, reflecting, and/or meditation.
2. They surround themselves with supportive people. Their immediate circle of friends and colleagues are supportive and positive. They inspire them to achieve great things. They are not “energy vampires”. You know this type, when you are with them, you leave feeling drained and tired. The people you surround yourself with should leave you feeling fantastic and ready to conquer the world.
3. They do not live in the past. The only thing we have control over is the present moment. We have no control over the past. We can learn from our past, but, we cannot change it. Strong women realize that the past does not define them.
4. They are not concerned of how others judge them. They have their own clearly defined values and goals. Their self-esteem is intact and they interact with others without letting their ego get involved. We can all listen to our hearts and we all know what is best for us in life.
5. They balance their life: physical, mental, emotionally, and spiritually. If we balance these 4 aspects of our life: we will have a more balanced life. Physically- take care of your body with good foods and exercise. Mentally – never stop learning, reading and visualizing. Emotionally – be of service to others. Spiritually- find a practice that works for your life.

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