Expect the Best

Our thoughts manifest into our lives. If you expect the best, you will receive the best. If you expect less than you want, you will receive less than you want. This is the Law of Expectancy. Today, start to expect the best.

We often expect far less than we want. This is a habit. This may be caused by guilt or fear. It can be difficult to change old habits, but, it can be done. That voice inside your head can be trained and focused to get what you really want.

Expecting the best can be most difficult when you are going through a challenging time: a life-threatening illness, job loss, divorce, or financial loss. At times like those you might just want to get through another day or you may be waiting for the next crisis to hit. It is times like these when you need to expect the best and know that you can work consciously and sub-consciously for the highest and best outcome.

You do not have to settle for second best. By aligning your thoughts with the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe, forces much greater than you will be at work. It is your spiritual birthright to have health, prosperity and good relationships.

This is a simple principle, but, it is difficult to train our thoughts to expect and receive the best. I have had some very challenging relationships besides my divorce. Whenever I enter into a new relationship, I need to be vigilante that what happened in the past is in the past. Instead, I focus on the wonderful, new, loving relationship that I want and expect. So many times in the past I settled for less than I wanted or deserved. It was probably fear that had me settle for whatever came along instead of focusing on my heart’s desires.

Try this exercise the next time you want to manifest the BEST in your life.

Mental Movie Method

Sit quietly and have your body and mind relaxed. Close your eyes and imagine that you are looking at a movie screen. You are going to star in the movie. The action is whatever you would like to manifest in your life. Is it a new job? Picture yourself in the new job. How do you feel? What are you doing? See yourself getting a paycheck. Claim that Infinite Intelligence is creating that job in your life. You must feel 100% that this will come to pass. A clear mental picture with faith will allow you to expect the best and receive the best.

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