How to Get Him off Your Mind

This is what I consider a tough part about dating: the break up. But, breaking up is inevitable until you find “The One”. I try to stay positive and think that every relationship I have is preparing me for “The One”.  I imagine bricks going into a foundation for a house. Each brick represents a relationship or maybe even a date and they are helping me grow and build that strong foundation for the loving relationship that I am looking for. So, how to get him off your mind? Follow my 5 steps listed below.

  1. Do not fantasize about him or your relationship. This is tough to do. It is easy to remember all the good times. Force yourself to remember the “not so good times”.  Write them down. Think of his flaws and right them down too.  Did you hate the car he drove?  Was he a slob?  Did he snore at night?  If you are having problems doing this, ask your friends for help.  They can probably be more objective.
  2. When you think about him, replace the image with something else. Think of something that brings you happiness and joy. Picture that instead.
  3. Getting him off your mind will not happen overnight. Try to endure the discomfort of letting go.  Plan some activities with your friends. Maybe it is time for those tennis lessons.
  4. Remove any memories of him from your home, your computer and your work space. This also will free his energy to allow new energy and maybe that new man to enter into your life.
  5. Say affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that are said in the present tense. Say these out loud. Put them on post it notes in your mirror and on your desk.  Repeat them often
    1. I am attracting a man who loves, adores and appreciates me.
    2. I release the past.
    3. I am ready for love.
    4. I am willing to let go.


Stay strong and before you know it, you will feel better.  What do you do to get him off your mind?


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