Are You Willing to Change?

How many times have you settled for less that you wanted? This could be in the clothes you buy, relationships, or the food you eat? Maybe it is the job that you are in? Are you willing to change old habits and bring more joy into your life? Are you willing to change?

As I reflect over the past seven years of dating, there were many times I just settled for what came my way. This was also true in my career choices. There were times I settled for less than what would bring me true happiness and joy. Old patterns are hard to break sometimes. I was so accustomed  to believing that I could not have what I wanted. True happiness was for other people, not me.

This is a form of desperation and fear. Eventually, I was willing to change and start believing that I could have what I wanted. I was willing to release the old habits and fears and focus on my desired outcomes. First come thoughts and then manifesting. Just like you think about what you want for dinner before you prepare and eat the dinner. If you are sewing a blouse, you think about it and plan before you begin sewing.

3 Ways to Begin Changing Today

1. Begin using Affirmations. Read my Blog on Affirmations to get ideas on how to start using them.
2. Visualize your desired outcome. What type of relationship do you want? What type of job would you like? Remember first comes the plans for a house before a house is built.
3. Remain vigilant with your thoughts. Stay positive. Use affirmations.

If you are in a situation and you are not sure if you are “settling”, ask yourself, “Does this bring me joy?”

Are you willing to change? What worked for you?

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Kim Scally
Kim Scally
9 years ago

Looks good Gloria….Good Luck!

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